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ACTISS – Transition Management

ACTISS – Transition Management

Our mission is to create value through the evolution of businesses. We manage your evolution, helping you reach your strategic objectives with concrete, operational actions. To do so each mission is articulated following VMA, a unique methodology, specific to ACTISS.

It is based on the profound understanding of our client’s stakes and challenges to create a definite vision. We see each mission as a project with a mobilisation phase and successively an action phase that both guaranty the achievement of primary objectives and the overall success of the chosen strategy.

ACTISS and VMA methodology, who is it for?

Any company big or small that needs expertise on a specific project and wants to put all the odds of success on its side to make it work.

What types of projects?

Transition Management Company
Venture Development Company


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2 Av. Elsa Triolet
13008 Marseille (FRANCE)

+33 (0)4 91 32 39 39


Actiss Partenaire Open Innovation
Actiss Partenaire IXPA
Actiss Partenaire IFMT
Actiss Partenaire Inergens Group
Actiss Partenaire FNMT

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