Project Description

Actiss - Managing Your Evolution

Giving momentum to growth: Structuring an innovative offer

Transition Management

Scale-up Innovation


Growth Development

The Client :

Personal Factory is an innovative SME in the chemistry / construction industry. Based in South Italy, they are ready to scale up their business.


  • Boosting growth
  • Give a comprehensive vision of target market
  • Resolve supply gap & other crucial points for development
  • Prepare internationalization


  • Vision | Strategic direction & internationalisation goals
  • Mobilisation | Resources needed and stakeholders
  • Action | Commercial & Brand


  • An independent division with recurring revenues
  • A brand recognised on the market
  • An 300% increase in sales
  • Trusted suppliers & value positionning

“The new business model defined by ACTISS enabled us to understand perfectly the market and identify potential targets.”

Francesco Tassone | CEO, Personal Factory

Comment reconstituer des marges rapidement en préambule à une cession d’activité ?

Context and Vision :

An innovation, new markets, a lack of structure & a big will to scale

Our client operates in the chemical industry providing compound powder for the construction industry. It has developed an automatic, computerised and flexible production system to produce different on-demand powders & providing a full range of services in this sector.

The management wants to expand its business assets and needs to organize and promote its know-how through a specific offer with a focus on securing supply-chain partners.

Mobilisation & Actions:

Creating a business unit, branding and securing strategic alliances and partnerships

Because motivation was high, we used the client’s own resources to implements actions.

We defined a new positioning. This required: a bid change; a market penetration tactic different from the one used successfully up to that point; a specific commercial division focused on technology sale with a strong attention to technical assistance. We addressed the lack of visibility through strong branding actions.

Mission’s Outcomes:

ACTISS has been asked by the board to continue as the Operator of Strategies

Our intervention lasted 12 months and resulted in the development of a value positioning with a truly international structure and diversification potential. The offer was, at the end of ACTISS’ mission, structured, tested and ready to sustain domestic growth as well as internationalisation.

The contribution to the company’s growth was 300% of the turnover.