Project Description

Actiss - Managing Your Evolution

Operational M&A :
Acting in a Context of Crisis & Urgency





The Client :

Our client is selling part of its assets in the manufacturing of elements necessary to the production of green energy.


  • Refocus on core business
  • Operation on capital
  • Maintain managerial continuity during and after the operation


  • Vision | Integrating management issues to M&A objectives
  • Mobilisation | Non obvious buyer research
  • Action | Negotiating & support transition


  • The deal was closed in only 9 months
  • The valorisation was judged satisfactory to both parties despite the extremely critical situation

« We had to be on all fronts at once. It was complex, yet, the rigorous method applied to the process was key the rapid success of the operation. »

Eric Gaulle | CEO ACTISS Italia – M&A Director

Comment faire face à un plan de recrutement exceptionnel et urgent

Contexte and Vision :

Scarce management, critical losses, no interest from traditional M&A operators, ACTISS as a last resort

Our client produces renewable energy and manufactures the necessary elements for its production. It is struggling to reach the market, management is scarce and it’s not making a profit. Shareholders want to refocus on the core business at all costs.

An operational M&A emerged as the only viable solution to guaranty business continuity.
Traditional investment banks don’t see any value to the deal and ACTISS was called after many failures.

Mobilisation and Actions :

Scouting for non-obvious buyers, negotiating while supporting transition & business continuity

Given the financial situation as well as the managerial issues, we focused on selecting potential buyers with strong strategic synergies. We also worked on financial engineering to achieve the given objectives while considering the complexity of the operation.

The assets were evaluated both as a whole and separately to ensure the best value possible for our client. We also dedicated a manager to evaluate each part of the organisation and make some quick adjustments and to maintain continuity.

The Missions’ Outcomes :

A satisfying operation on all fronts, conducted in a record time

ACTISS’ expertise in the diagnosis of assets and in the development of financial engineering has been decisive for the success of this operation.
In just 9 months, we were able to carry out a successful M&A, while guaranteeing a smooth transition and the continuity of activities, leaving all the parties satisfied by the result.